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Stupid Interviewer Question #5: Are you a Team Player?

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No, I refuse to be a Team Player!

Upon discovering my Personality Type as INFP, it explains my resistance and dislikes working in a “team” environment at a place of employment.  Although I enjoy working with people, my preference is working by myself.

I wrote this article a few years ago while seeking employment and still chuckle at this “Team Player” question.


Succeeding in having your resume read these days is a true triumph, but receiving an invite for an interview is bliss!

Skipping the key interview portion, which you surmise has gone extremely well and approached the end, whereby the interviewer now asks this clichéd, question: Are You A ‘Team Player’?

I deem this an overused, redundant, and stupid question, I mean why would your answer be “NO”; I’m not a ‘team player’.  That would likely stun them – probably never heard an “NO” before.

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Think about it, if I was thirsty for a job, why would I say “NO”?

The interviewer would be dumbfounded, removing his glasses, rubbing his hands together in disbelief. He would get you out of there as quickly as he could, shake your hand with a lettuce-limp handshake stating, “we’ll be in touch” – translation: “sorry buddy, we won’t be hiring you”.

Just to see the interviewer’s reaction, and what you really wish to blurt is: “I’m not a team player, never want to be, wasn’t at my last job, never believed in it, and don’t expect to in this company, and you, Mr. Interviewer, are you a team player?.  

Therefore, don’t ever ask me this question!

Have any of you experienced the same lame question?

Written and copyrighted by Deb McCarthy 2017


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