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I reside in Ontario, Canada, married over 35 years, never had children but do have one ‘spoiled’ dog named “Emma”.

Intense psychotherapy began at age 38 to deal with PTSD, ultimately leading to years of major depression, hospitalizations, ECT treatments, and unemployment.  Throughout these years, I journaled daily, and thankfully I did as ECT robbed me of considerable long-term memory.

Writing has always been my passion.

I’m 60 years old and remain in therapy dealing with the harmful emotional abuse caused by my narcissistic mother.  Her hurtful words, lack of empathy and constant criticisms have had such an impact on my life.

In 2007, I created a blog named “Living in Stigma” with the purpose of educating people/society on Mental Illness Stigma.  Aside from struggling with mental health issues I also live with daily chronic migraines.

Last year in “Living in Stigma” I chose to connect with people, like myself with chronic migraines, who also suffer from chronic pain and invisible illnesses. I became aware that with some individuals it intertwines with feelings of depression, relates to feelings from PTSD, anxiety, stress etc.

With “Living in Stigma”, opportunities have come my way in the form of a series of articles on mental health on the website “Mind Your Mind”.

In 2011, I was interviewed via podcast on “Safe Space Radio” from Portland, USA on the topic of “Mental Illness Stigma“.

Invited as a “guest” to write various posts that relate to mental health and invisible illness on other sites.

I also ventured into the world of writing children’s books. On Storybird.com, (my username is skyblue79) I’ve created a few children’s picture books and poems as a start, and thoroughly enjoy this unique form of writing.

You can take a peek at some of my replies to questions asked on Quora.com

Now I just found out my Personality Type is INFP!!  I am now interested in exploring much more on personality types, disorders, and psychology, so why not start a blog!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.